To exchange payment for a product or service of greater value


How it Works

SwapUp has radically re-imagined the traditional affiliate marketing model.

Rather than rely on content publishers to drive traffic to Retailers, we're building a global network of Businesses that pay Individuals/Consumers. Our solution follows four simple steps:


Any Business can use SwapUp when they need to make a payment to an individual. E.g. a Refund of £100.


When the Consumer decides to SwapUp, the chosen Retailer fulfils the order & is paid the initial payment* e.g. £100


The consumer is presented with offers from Retailers of greater value, e.g. a product worth £110. They can then choose to SwapUp or accept the original payment.


The paying Business earns commission each time a Consumer they pay decides to SwapUp

*minus commission

SwapUp's model drives Consumers to Retailers with 'cash in hand'. Our unique platform:


  • Increases Sales & reduces Cost Per Acquisition for Retailers

  • Provides Businesses with an additional revenue stream

  • Gives Consumers more for their money


If you are a Retailer or a Business that pays individuals then book in a 5 minute chat to see what we can do for you.



SwapUp are a disruptive performance marketing & technology company, focused on creating products that benefit everyone who uses them.

Collectively, our team have over 30 years experience delivering digital solutions that have enabled some of the world's largest brands to achieve their marketing goals.

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